Assorted breads, tapenades & pestos                                                                                     $8.80

Bruschetta tomatoes on garlic toasted French sticks                                                           $8.80

Wontons or Dumplings pan/deep fried                                                                                  $12.80

Salt ‘n pepper squid rings/tentacles                                                                                      $14.80

Portobello mushroom                                                                                                                $15.80

Prawn & butternut laksa                                                                                                           $16.80



Slow cooked chicken                                                                                                                 $28.80

braised with tomatoes and paprika served on cream baked potatoes with ricotta


Indian bengal                                                                                                                                $27.80

sweet chicken curry of mild tomato and aromatic blends of spices with natural

yoghurt, baby spinach, poppadum’s and coconut rice


Seafood risotto                                                                                                                            $29.80

with roasted cherry tomatoes in a light chilli cream


Lamb eye schnitzel noisette                                                                                                    $29.80

with beurre noisette, mint & parsley potatoes and crisp greens


Pork fillet & Tiger prawns                                                                                                         $32.80

in a green peppercorn, mushroom & bacon cream sauce on lyonnaise potatoes


Roasted Peking duck                                                                                                                $32.80

in an Asian broth with tang glow shoots and sticky peanut rice


Fish of the day                                                                                                                                 p.o.a

sourced daily from our local mongers


Angus beef steak

served with baked potato cake in brandy garlic cream parsley sauce                                 p.o.a.


Inspired chef’s creation                                                                                                               p.o.a.


Sides $7.50                                                                               

Green salad

Spring vegetables

Bowl of fries

Sea salted chat potatoes

Dessert                                                                            $13.8

Crème brulée served with berry & Chantilly cream

Chocolate Caramel Tart Served warm with chocolate ice cream and Chantilly cream

Banana Roti roll served with ice cream and Chantilly cream

Rués baked Ricotta cheese cake: Cake base (Gluten free) served with berry & cream

 Banoffee Sundae served with toffee banana caramel, ice cream and cream