we only use free range eggs

homemade bagelcream cheese and jam; or …$7.50

cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado & bacon …$13.50

assorted breads, tapenades & pestos …$8.50

spanish omelet with chicken, ham or smoked salmon and spinach, herbs mushroom, feta, tomato and cheddar …$17.90

canadian flap jacks with bacon, banana, maple syrup, honeycomb yoghurt & ice cream; or poached berry compote & vanilla ice cream…$15.90

tom stuffer a cheese omelette filled flat bread filled with veges, chorizo orchicken with tomato chutney …$16.90

eggs benedicton toasted ciabatta – ham or spinach …$16.50

salmon or bacon …$18.50

cooked breakfast eggs on toast …$7.50

add   bacon $3     mushroom $3      sausage $2.5      hash brown $2.5      tomato $2.5

classic breakfast with all the trimmings 2 egg … $17.50

3 egg …$19.50

toasted muesliwith unsweetened natural yoghurt & mixed berry compote …$13.90

lamb schnitzel in a brioche bun with minted mayo, shoots and spiced tomato chutney with wedges ‘n sour cream …$19.90

chicken and potato fritter stacked with fresh herbs served with hungarian provençal sauce …$17.90

bengal curry sweet curry with an aromatic blend of tomato and spices, natural yoghurt, rice & poppadums …$18.50

salt ‘n pepper squid rings on tang gow slaw with lemon curd mayo …$17.50

portobello mushrooms mozzarella & tomato grilled and served on French bread …$16.9

fettuccini carbonara  shaved ham & mushrooms, parmesan cream and garlic bread …$17.50

fresh fish sourced daily from our local mongers                                                                      p.o.a.