we only use free range eggs


Homemade bagels

with cream cheese and jam;                                                                                                        $7.50

bacon, egg, tomatoes, and hollandaise                                                                                    $13.50


Kiwi breakfast

with bacon, egg, sausage, hash, tomato, mushroom                                                            $17.80


Eggs benedict on toasted ciabatta – ham, bacon or mushroom                                         $16.80


Omelette cheesy omelet with chicken and mixed veggies                                                   $15.80


French Toast                                                                                                                               $14.80

bacon or poached fruit, grilled banana, maple syrup and nuts


Fried Rice – chicken or seafood, with eggs and mixed veggies                            $14.80/$16.80


Salt & Lemon pepper squids – With dipping sauces                                                           $16.60


Pulled Pork –

slow cooked BBQ pork shoulder, with apple salad in a ciabatta roll                                   $16.80


Slow cooked Chicken                                                                                                               $17.80

stacked with fresh herbs served with Hungarian provençal sauce


Bengal curry                                                                                                                                $18.80

sweet curry with an aromatic blend of tomato and spices, natural yoghurt, rice


Peking duck                                                                                                                                 $20.80

fragranced duck breast with salad with hoisin ginger dressing and rice


Pork Fillet                                                                                                                                     $19.80

pan seared with creamy bacon & mushroom sauce on potatoes gratin


Soup of the day – with garlic buttered toast                                                                           $14.50


Sea food chowder  – with garlic ciabatta toasts                                                                    $15.80


Prawn & butternut laksa                                                                                                           $18.80

in a coconut Thai broth with Veggies & steamed rice – a Rué signature dish


Portobello mushrooms

served with grilled cheese & tomato and ciabatta                                                                  $17.80


Special of the week                                                                                                                       p.o.a